The UK Songwriting Contest 2014

The UK Songwriting Contest 2014

Winner (Best Song Lyrics)
"Give Me Impossible Things"
Semi-Finalist (Best Song Lyrics)
"Ghost of a Woman"
"Promised Land"

American Songwriter Magazine 2014

American Songwriter Magazine 2014

Runner-Up (Best Song Lyrics)
"Give Me Impossible Things"


About Mick

Writing and co-writing is a lot of fun - words that people want to put to music and to sing - that other people might even want to listen to!

The big step forward for me was getting to work with Mark Cawley at Mark agreed to coach and mentor me back in 2014 - and everything I’ve written since has been the result of his guidance.

Mark Cawley

Mark is hugely inspirational and has a lifetime of musical knowledge to share. He has helped me understand how to write, and how to do it more consistently. He also has an uncanny gift for putting co-writers together that really ‘click’ - and opening music industry doors most of us would find firmly shut!

Mark has absolutely been my 'tipping point'. A great coach and a trusted friend. Thanks Mark!

Mark Cawley contact: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Lyrics & Co-Writing
If you like the lyrics on this site and have an interesting co-write idea, do let me know!

2016 - 52 Lyrics in 52 Weeks
It seemed a good idea at the time… 

Makayla Colonello

A new lyric every week this year - with Mark Cawley continuing to push to maintain quality! 

More co-writes to come with Makayla Colonello too. Makayla is a gifted songwriter and performer - and an excellent co-writer. She brings the words to life - and I'm very proud of the songs she has created and performed. Looking forward to another busy year! Check out Makayla’s YouTube channel here

Makayla Colonello contact details: Website | Facebook | Twitter

There are other co-writes being worked on too - I’ll update with further details as we go.

2015 - Lyrics to Songs & New Demos
Some great co-writes came together in 2015 - working with Makayla Colonello to make some excellent demos: ‘Give Me Impossible Things’, ‘Rose Of New Orleans’, ‘The One Before The One’ and the charity song ‘Blue Angel’ (see ‘Lyrics’ section for words and demos).

2014 - UK Songwriting Contest - Winner
A great year - winner for best lyrics with 'Impossible Things'. Now you can hear the finished song, co-written & performed by Makayla Colonello here.

My Background
I grew up in the UK on the English-Welsh border - a mix of English and Welsh family backgrounds - in a mix of old-town agriculture, some great outdoors, old-time Industrial Revolution relics and 1970s artificial new town. It was a pretty good place to grow up.

Today, I live in Bristol in the South West - one of my favourite spots in the UK. Still not too far from Wales - a quick drive to Cardiff when the rugby's on!