The UK Songwriting Contest 2014

The UK Songwriting Contest 2014

Winner (Best Song Lyrics)
"Give Me Impossible Things"
Finalist 2017

'The Joker'

'If I Lose My Way'
"Ghost of a Woman"
"Promised Land"

  American Songwriter Magazine 2014

American Songwriter Magazine 2014

Runner-Up (Best Song Lyrics)
"Give Me Impossible Things"


About Mick

Co-writing is addictive - forging stories and melodies into songs - maybe making people feel something, smile, dance - who knows. Maybe find out a little more about yourself too.

The huge step forward for me was working with Mark Cawley at Mark agreed to coach and mentor me back in 2014 - and everything I’ve written since has been the result of his guidance and belief - it still is today.

Mark Cawley

Mark is hugely inspirational and has a lifetime of knowledge to share in the music business - he has 'been there, done it'. He has helped me no end - to understand how to write, and how to do it more consistently. He also has an uncanny gift for putting co-writers together that really ‘click’ - and opening music industry doors most of us would find firmly shut!

Mark has absolutely been my 'tipping point' - working with him today is still the major source of development and drive that it has always been. A great coach - and a trusted friend. Thanks Mark!

Mark Cawley contact: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Lyrics & Co-Writing
If you like the lyrics on this site and have an interesting co-write idea, do let me know!

2016 - 2018:  

Makayla Colonello

A new lyric every week over the last 2 years - still going now - working closely with Mark Cawley and some great co-writers.

2018: Time for more lyrics to come to life - collaborations from lyrics to melody - or writing from melody - or doing it all together. More fun with Lawrence Grey, The Italo Brothers, Cody Island - just some of the great talents where we already have new material for the coming year.

And some great co-writes already written - Makayla Colonello has co-written some great songs over the last few years - a truly gifted songwriter and performer - and an excellent co-writer. She brings the words to life - and I'm very proud of the songs she has created and performed. Check out Makayla’s YouTube channel here

Makayla Colonello contact details: Website | Facebook | Twitter


2015 - Lyrics to Songs & New Demos
Working with Makayla Colonello - some excellent demos: ‘Give Me Impossible Things’, ‘Rose Of New Orleans’, ‘The One Before The One’ and the charity song ‘Blue Angel’ (see ‘Lyrics’ section for words and demos).

2014 - UK Songwriting Contest - Winner
A great year - winner with 'Impossible Things'. Hear the finished song, co-written & performed by Makayla Colonello here.

My Background
I grew up in the UK on the English-Welsh border - a mix of English and Welsh family backgrounds - in a mix of old-town agriculture, some great outdoors, old-time Industrial Revolution relics and 1970s artificial new town. It was a pretty good place to grow up.

Today, I live in Bristol in the South West - one of my favourite spots in the UK. Still not too far from Wales - a quick drive to Cardiff when the rugby's on!