Lyric writer - Collaborator - Song lover

I've always loved writing.
Anything - songs, poems - just telling stories. And I've always loved music. All kinds of music. It just took a while to put the two together.

Writing has given me a bit of an 'in' into music - working with some very gifted people who can sing, play, do melody - and who can write too.

A great world to explore - and hopefully a few decent songs along the way!


October 2019 - Two More HMMA Nominations!

Delighted to have two songs nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards on November 20th of this year!


August 2019 - Global Music Awards Silver Medal Winner

Thank you Global Music Awards!

Image 08-08-2019 at 23.19.jpeg

2019 - 2nd HMMA Nomination in Two Years!

Blessed to be nominated for the second year running for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards 🙌

A song co-written by me and Katie Hardyman, and sung beautifully by Anna Weatherup - 'The Voice’ contender

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2019 - Sweet Demon Angel

Delighted that ‘Sweet Demon Angel’ with Jack Bowden made it to the 'Lyricist Of The Year 2019’ shortlist!
Here’s Jack’s sweet demo:

HMMA Award Nomination 2018.png

2018 - HMMA Nomination

Delighted to have been nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2018 - for 'Ten Good Summers' - thank you HMMA!

Check it out here!

2018 - Double Finalist - UK Songwriting Contest

Pleased to have made 7 lyrics / songs into the finals & semis of The UK Songwriting Contest.

Virginia Sinner -                    Best Jazz/Blues song          
Virginia Sinner -                    Best music video                          

My fave - the Lawrence Grey video for ‘Virginia Sinner’ - coming soon, the Lawrence Grey debut album!

Over 100 million spins!

Delighted - my song collaborations have now passed 100 million plays online. You can check out many of the tracks in the 'Music' section - & you can take a look at the official videos here.

The Joker EP - Finalist, UK Songwriting Contest 2017

The Joker EP

I've been co-writing with the fantastic Lawrence Grey on our EP 'The Joker'. We launched in 2017 to a great response - download it on iTunes now.

Much more to follow with Lawrence in 2019! -  but for now, here's the interview I did with Kim Laureen of Fresh Independence about 'The Joker'::

"So proud of this British gent who is an award winning lyric writer with a heart of gold, who can make you laugh out loud when you least expect it."


The UK Songwriting Contest 2014

The UK Songwriting Contest 2014

Best Song Lyrics


Best Song Lyrics

American Songwriter Magazine 2014

American Songwriter Magazine 2014