Here you’ll find links to videos and Spotify versions of my collaborations, with links to the corresponding lyrics.

Everything To Nothing

A cool collaboration with Ima Sobé and the mysterious Ping Pong dudes!

Virginia Sinner

Sweet dreams sweet Virginia
sleepin’ in the morning sun…

Lawrence Grey Jazz album in the bag for 2020!

Till You Drop

Another fun collaboration with those crazy Italo Brothers!

Blue Angel

All of this heartache
stealing our dream days
it’s only dark clouds        
rolling away

Never Miss The Water

Everybody’s got a dream to chase after - maybe we get one shot, at best.
‘Don’t know what you've got till it’s gone’ doesn’t feel like a good place to be heading.

The One Before The One

Commended Entry for Best Song Lyrics at UK Songwriting Contest 2015.

Never meeting ‘The One’. All her ’Exs’ marry the next girl that comes along – she's always ‘The One Before The One’.

Rose Of New Orleans

Semi-Finalist for Best Song Lyrics at UK Songwriting Contest 2015.

The unique celebration of love, life & death in New Orleans. A rose tattoo marks the death of a loved one - brass bands lead grand processions through the streets - celebrating the lives of those that have gone on. 

Bring Your Love Outside

Great collaboration with the wonderful Gaia.

Pour a Little Water

Another great collaboration with the wonderful Gaia.

Sleep When We're Dead

Another great collaboration with the ItaloBrothers.

Kings and Queens

One of many collaborations with the great ItaloBrothers. 


A popular ItaloBrothers release from 2017. 

Fiction Squad

Great collaboration with the ItaloBrothers. 

Crystal Eyes

One of many collaborations with Cody Island. 

Falling to Pieces

Collaboration with the brilliant Crew Cardinal. 

A Minute to Midnight

Another great collaboration with Cody Island. 

Spark in the Night

Enjoyed working with Xyloo on this collaboration, Spark in the Night.

High On You

This great co-write came together working with Sebastien featuring Hagedorn

Because Of You

Collaboration with the great FROIDZ.

Undercover Lover

An early (formative!) dance collaboration with Money-G. (now he is really secretive!).

All Night

Cody Island - the man in the gold mask! What is it with these guys? Don’t they pay their parking tickets?…

'High On You’ - Sebastien feat. Hagedorn (Acoustic version)

Dance music goes unplugged!..

A fave dance version of a co-write with just vocals and piano.


No Dj can spin it like that!…
To the girl in Ibiza with the pink cowboy hat (married with kids now?…)

Your Love

One of the many faces of Cody Island…


A mellow moment from the ItaloBrothers - I don’t think it will last!

Hit Delete

Cody Island - featuring the bootylicious-delicious Ima Sobé!

Bring Back the Love

Fun co-writing d’allegro’s Summer ‘18 release!