New Recording - Blue Angel

The Charlotte and Gwenyth Gray Foundation

Really pleased to share this latest collaboration from Makayla and I. Something very different - that everyone can support - please take a moment to read the blog. Take a look at Blue Angel.

The back story to this track begins last summer, when Makayla was asked to come up with a song - a very different kind of song.

To support two young girls full of life - Charlotte and Gwenyth - both facing huge challenges. 

Their family story is told in the short video below - I hope you have a chance to watch, and to support The Charlotte And Gwenyth Gray Foundation, set up in their name by their parents - Gordon and Kristen.

Find out more about the cause here.

This song will be released to raise money for The Charlotte And Gwenyth Gray Foundation - as well as a Youtube video which will be posted shortly.

Thanks for your time.