Sam Smith, Collaborations, and New Songs

Wow - I got to see Sam Smith at Wolverhampton Civic Hall this week – he even has a blue ‘angelic halo’  to go with that perfect voice! If I needed inspiration – he did it for me. Just exceptional - and a pleasure to see him at a ‘cosy venue’. It’s fair to say he was superb – and everyone loved him.

So – what progress here?...



New Lyrics / New Songs

Two new song lyrics posted this week  - ‘The One Before The One’ & ‘Hey Blue’.

For those of you following the ‘Blurred Lines’ debate in the media – neither lyric has a Marvin Gaye influence!


I’m still working very closely with Mark Cawley on songwriting – he continues to inspire & make the whole thing fun.

He’s developing an amazing team of coaching associates with incredible music industry pedigree – it’s got to be worth a look for singers, writers, studio gurus - do check it out at

Makayla Colonello is also working on the full song co-write version of ‘The One Before The One’ and also ‘Yours’. I hope to post these very soon.

See her singing ‘Give Me Impossible Things’ – more to come from Makayla very soon.

If you have any feedback on the lyrics, the songs or the site – love to hear from you! You can comment on the lyrics pages, progress posts, or on my Facebook page at