New Co-Writes & Demos

In December 2014, I was a winner in the UK Songwriting Contest for Best Lyrics – for a song called ‘Give Me Impossible Things’.

It’s now a few months into 2015 – and the realisation is that I was a long time getting to that point in 2014 – a great moment to savour, but just one step.

Impossible things are an ongoing requirement to writing success from here - as they should be!

So here’s some of the last two months’  headlines – with three new tracks now posted on my website as well as the lyrics.

Cruel World
A huge Thank You to Mark Cawley at for agreeing to co-write this with me - & to Bob Britt for the badass soundtrack! Mark has been the inspiration and mentor to getting me to here - and he wrote the wicked melody to Cruel World – and got Bob Britt to do the final soundtrack (Bob Britt has worked with Bob Dylan for many years now).

Give Me Impossible Things
The UK Song Contest winning lyrics – with a great melody written & sung by Makayla Colonello (on piano also) – Makayla is a young, very talented singer-songwriter from the USA. Check out her music video of 'Give Me Impossible Things' on YouTube.

As part of her own road  - she’s working on a few other lyrics of mine I hope to put on the site very soon.

Some Day
This is a track I wrote for my friends in Germany – Kristian Sandberg & Dietmar Pollman. Kris put together a band and recorded this and a few other lyrics too – in a different style to his usual dance music.

Kris is one of the trio who make up ‘The Italo Brothers’ – who have been successfully producing and releasing Euro dance music for many years.

Take a look/listen – hope you like them. More co-writes to follow soon.